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Frequently Asked Questions-Segways

All the ins and out of our Segway tours including "dynamic stabilization"!

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Segway ecotours

After a short lesson you will be exploring the off road trails on a Segway

Kayak rentals

Rent a kayak and explore quiet salt marsh trails just minutes from Amelia Island and Jacksonville


PHIT - Paddleboard High Intensity Training

SUP yoga

Where your yoga mat meets the sea...

Segway Ecotours

Headsets allow everyone to hear the guide's stories of local critters and history

SUP lessons / rentals

Learn basic strokes and balance, then take off on your own

SUP yoga

Go ahead....give it a's not as hard as it looks

Kids Summer Camp

Kayaking, paddleboarding, nature crafts, hiking...... Sorry adults, it's only for kids 7-14 yr old!

Kayak Ecotours

After a short paddle lesson you will ride the tide and learn about the local ecosystem. Then stop on a sandbar for a swim.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Segway tours

  1. What is a Segway?
  2. Are most people able to ride a Segway?
  3. What speed will I be traveling?
  4. Why is riding a Segway an eco-friendly way to tour?
  5. How does a Segway work?
  6. Are reservations required?
  7. Payment?
  8. Tour requirements
  9. Training and equipment
  10. What to wear / bring?
  11. Do we tip the guides?

What is a Segway ?

  • A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device designed to go wherever people go. It is easy to learn to operate because of its technologically advanced design that senses your body movements. Lean forward, go forward. Stand straight and stop. To increase speed, you lean forward a little harder. To slow down, you lean back. You're always in control of the Segway. The comfortable platform for your feet and adjustable handlebar height make the process of gliding along second nature and an experience you're sure to enjoy.
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Are most people able to ride a Segway?

  • Segways are remarkably easy to master, however we do require that riders be at least 14 years old and weigh no more than 260 pounds. Riders must be able to perform such tasks as going up and down stairs without assistance, and without using a handrail. You must be able to operate the steering control with your left hand and be able to stand on the Segway's platform for the length of the tour you choose (either one-hour or two-hours). A comprehensive training and practice session is required prior to each tour. Our guests find our Cross-Terrain Segways to be especially easy to learn to ride. With the big tires, these Segways are very solid and reassuringly stable. The Park's secured training field is a fun and relaxed place to practice your new riding skills.
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What speed will I be traveling ?

  • Most of the time, the Segways travels the trails at about 5 mph, (a little faster than a brisk walk), allowing people to see more of the Island in less time. The guide sets the pace according to the varied trail terrain and confidence of riders.
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Why is riding a Segway and eco-friendly way to tour?

  • Kayak Amelia tours use the Segway XT cross-terrain model optimized for varied terrain and rugged environments. Segway XT's are "clean and green." They use wide, low-pressure tires that leave minimal impact on the riding surface. They are battery powered and emit zero emissions. They are also very quiet so they don't disturb wildlife or the public.
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How does a Segway work ?

  • The Segway utilizes "dynamic stabilization" which balances the rider. In case you don't know what "dynamic stabilization" means, here's a simplified explanation. The Segway senses the rider's center of gravity 100 times a second; this information is processed and used to reliably balance the Segway and rider. As the rider leans forward, the center of gravity moves forward and the Segway responds by traveling forward. The same applies for going backward. If the center of gravity is directly over the standing platform the Segway will remain stationary. You don't need any special balancing skills — the Segway does it for you!
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Are reservations required ?

  • Please call (904) 251-0016 or make reservations online. Advance reservations are required. Our tours get filled quickly. If you cancel within 24 hr. or no show your card will be charged $20/person. You will be fully refunded if weather causes us to cancel your tour.
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  • VISA, MasterCard, Amex and cash are accepted. A credit card number is required to hold your reservation. You must bring a credit card or cash on the day of your tour to make payment.
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Tour requirements

  • All riders must be at least 14 years of age and under 260 pounds (no exceptions).
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • A fun, relaxed Segway-riding Training session included before each tour.
  • Riders are required to wear a helmet and listening device provided.
  • For your safety, cell phones and cameras may not be used while riding the Segway. However, there is always a photo break for picture taking on each tour.
  • All participants must sign a Liability and Personal Responsibility Waiver.
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Training and equipment

  • No Segway riding experience necessary. You will be trained how to properly operate a Segway. It's fun and easy to do.
  • Sorry, but if you are late and miss any portion of the training, you will not be able to join our tour and will forfeit your fee.
  • Our wireless headsets are used for riding tips, trail sightings, and information about the Island's fascinating history, plant, and animal life.
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What to wear / bring

  • Casual clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Visors or baseball caps are helpful during summer.
  • Please wear flat-soled footwear or sneakers. No flip flops or walking Shape-Up shoes (or other curved rocking shoes).
  • Camera, binoculars, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellant, etc. A small front pack is mounted on the Segway for these items (10lbs maximum).
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Do we tip the guides?

  • It is customary gesture to tip guides. You will be escorted by top-tier guides throughout your trip. They are highly-educated, accommodating, and entirely dedicated to making your Segway experience safe and enjoyable. All tips for their services are shared between the guides and are greatly appreciated!
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