Guided Kayak Tours

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Weather...... happens

Our utmost concern is the safety of our paddlers. Lightning and dangerous winds will cancel a guided tour or force us off the water if a trip is underway. A little rain won't cancel a trip, but a little lightning will. If a guided tour must be canceled because of bad weather you will not be charged. With rentals, we can tell you the forecast but, once you leave, there are no refunds for bad weather.

Is it customary to tip the guides

If this means you want to dunk us in celebration of a successful voyage, NO! Gratuities, on the other hand, while not necessary are always appreciated. 15-20% is customary.

Gift cards available

Gift cards can be used for any tour, rentals or any product sold in either of our locations. Gift card will be mailed to you.

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What's the difference between Guided tours or Self-guided Rentals?

Guided tours start with a short instruction, then paddle about 1 hour. We stop for a break on a sandbar and provide a snack then finish up with another hour of paddling. Guided tours are planned to go with the tide.
Self-Guided Rentals take off from our location in the middle of Simpson Creek. We supply you with a map and point out interesting places to stop and dangers to look out for. There are miles of salt marsh and small rivers to explore. When done you return to the place you started (which means half the trip will be against the tide).

Guided Kayak Ecotours

Guided kayak nature tours are a great way to learn about kayaking and the local environment. No experience is needed. All tours start with a short paddle instruction on land, midway through the tour you will take a break on a sandbar for a snack and swim (on most tours) in warm weather. Tours are planned to go with the current so you can work on those paddling skills and really enjoy the scenery. Along the way the naturalists describe the salt marsh eco-system, critters and local history. A 3 hour tour has about 2 hours of kayaking. Which tour we do on each day is determined by the tide that day. Reservations are required. Fee $65 adult, $55 child under 12 yr

What to bring

  • something on your feet that can get wet
  • shorts or bathing suit in warm weather (wind breaker type jacket when it's cooler)
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • water or gatorade to drink
  • It might be good to have a change of dry clothes for the ride home

Guided tour descriptions

Marsh Tour

Simpson Creek, a tidal stream that runs between Big Talbot and Little Talbot Island State Parks, part of the greater Timucuan Preserve Estuary. On our tour we paddle through Fort George estuary, a series of tributaries that wind through the marsh, creating what looks like the arteries of the land. The water twists and turns creating intimate canals for the resident wading birds, fishing osprey, and provides protection for newly hatched fingerlings. The estuary is a fascinating environment, the lifeblood of the ocean, and the nursery ground for most of the life in the sea.
The estuary provides protection and abundant food for 90% of the large fish in the Atlantic. As we delicately explore this natural environment, you will learn about the incredible richness of life that is created and thriving in this magical world. Feel the culture and hearing the stories of struggles and triumphs of the humans that inhabited this area. With over 5000 years of history, this land echoes the tales of the Timucuan Indians and French Huguenots that once inhabited this landscape. Sit back, relax and allow the sounds of the estuary sooth your senses.
Depending on the tide we leave from one of two launch sites. At booking we will provide directions to the place where you need to meet. Fee $65adult, $55 child under 12 yr.

BarHopping....that's SAND bars

The Bar Hopping tour begins as the tide is going out exposing many natural sand bars creating secluded white sandy beaches. The sand bars are covered twice a day by the tide so many times as the tide subsides it leaves in its path exotic shells, indigenous critters, and tidal pools, where wading and shore birds feed. Mid trip we stop for a break on a sand bar to snack and a swim in warm weather. Although it feels like you are in the ocean, the sand bars shield the waterway from the ocean swells making the water calm where we paddle. Fee $65adult, $55 child under 12 yr.

Ft George Island Tour

Kingsley Plantation is located on Fort George Island, one of the jewels of the Timucuan Preserve. While exploring this unique island from the water, you will learn the history that is woven into the fabrics of this landscape. Along our paddle we will see many species of resident and migratory birds, such as roseate spoonbill, swallow tail kite, heron, egret, and osprey. This waterway is frequented by lots of sea creatures such as dolphin, manatees, sea turtles, and many more. The striking blue-green hue of the water makes this feel like our own backyard Caribbean. After a short stroll through Kingsley Plantation's historical grounds we will set off to find secluded beaches to swim and play. Please note the 10 minute stop at Kingsley is not enough time to see all the exhibits, we suggest you return by car to see the entire grounds. Fee $65adult, $55 child under 12 yr.


Get a front row seat to one of natures most spectacular shows, as the sun slips below the horizon line and the day fades to night. Relax with friends at the end of the day. A calmness comes over the marsh at sunset as the golden colors of sunset are cast over the water and grasses. Fee $65adult, $55 child under 12 yr.


Specialty Guided Tours

The following tours are scheduled for limited times during the year.

Firefly kayak tour

This is the closest we come to magic. For 4 weeks out of the year in the Spring, there is a special place where fireflies cover the forest floor in the park. On this tour we paddle as the sun sets and then our naturalists will lead you on a short, informative walk. As darkness falls the 'magic' begins. Fee $65 adult, $55 child under 12 yr.

Firefly Stroll

Skip the sunset kayaking and let our guides introduce you to the life of the firefly or lightning bug. Just stroll down the path as darkness falls and .....magic! Meet at Kayak Amelia outfitter office in Talbot Island State park. Fee $20 adult, $10 child under 12 yr.

Meditation Paddle

We will combine the practice of meditation with paddling through the smooth water on this glorious full moon or sunset evening. Come experience what Harvard Medical School has discovered with the broad range of benefits that go along with meditation. Research has shown that meditation is linked to a strengthened immune system, decreased blood pressure and reduction in chronic pain. The state of relaxation achieved during meditation provides a natural boost in the "feel good" chemicals of the brain such as serotonin and growth hormone. We will glide through the water working with breath and motion, in tune with the rising full moon. Don't miss this exhilarating experience! Fee $65/person

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