Amazon River Trip

2017 dates

Nov. 30-Dec. 10

A bucket list trip

Explore the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers in Brazil at low water. 10 days in the Amazon, sleeping on a beautiful boat with daily adventures....can you say bucket list!

Come with us to the Amazon

Ray & Jody went on a trip with Amazonas Expeditions in May 2016. It was so exceptional they decided to organize another one and open it up to Kayak Amelia followers. Although not a KA lead trip it will exceed your expectations for sure

"This was an amazing trip. Every day was a totally new adventure......... to see it "rain iguanas", search out Night Monkeys, or explore different habitats. We saw over 100 different species of birds, including parrots, macaws, toucans, various monkeys, sloths, caymen.......yelled at Aztec ants and much more. The Rio Negro river is so acidic mosquito larvae can't survive so not many biting bugs, YAY! We had nighttime trips looking for 'eye shine' and critters who are active after dark. The crew was exceptional, always looking out for the guests to make sure they were safe and comfortable. (Mo)Junior is an extraordinary naturalist and has a child-like excitement about finding wildlife with an occasional "I have no idea what that is". The food was fresh (bartered for that day with different folks and villages along the river) and all local recipes. What a difference in the taste of fresh picked fruit...when was the last time you ate a whole pineapple slice and the usual woody center was soft and sweet! Fresh squeezed mango, papaya juice (and local fruits we'd never seen before) every day! If the Amazon is on your bucket list, this trip is for you" - Ray & Jody





The details

Jeff is the stateside contact for this trip

Jeff Pinkus & Bob Rowley
8053 Porpoise Dr.
Marathon, FL 33050
Cell: 305-481-7545 Email:

WHERE: Rio Negro, Low water.

DATE: Nov. 30 – Dec. 10, 2017 10 nights on the boat

PRICE: $2700 double occ., $3500 single occ., if available.

- Transportation to and from the boat while in Brazil.
- 10 days on the boat.
- All meals on the boat.

- Travel to and from Miami International Airport.
- Air fare Miami – Manaus,Brazil – Miami (approx $850-$900)
- Yellow Fever vaccination (suggested, not required)
- Brazilian Visa application fee, $160 (valid for 10 years)
- Fishing license. Optional. App. $45
- Alcoholic beverages and sodas on the boat.
- Meals off the boat.
- Shopping.
- Crew tip, $100.
- Trip insurance, if you think you might need it.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Double Single/person
Deposit, Non-refundable, March 15, 2017 $ 500 $ 500
April 15, 2017 $1100 $1500
September 1, 2017 $1100 $1500

Please make checks payable to: JEFF PINKUS




DATE: Nov. 30 – Dec. 10, 2017

PRICE: $2700 double occ $3500 single Occ., if available
(You book your own flight to Manaus, AA or TAM)

ITINERARY – subject to and likely to change!

We leave from Miami International, fly non-stop to Manaus, Brazil. 5.5 hours. Moacir Jr. will pick us up and take us to the IRACEMA, docked at the Tropical Hotel. Your home for the next 10 days.
Please understand that this itinerary can and does change! The river might be too low in certain places. If Jr sees something along the river he thinks you might like to see… Everyone into the 24' canoes and go look. There is always fishing for "volunteers". Birding, botanizing, swimming and exploring for all.
- Cruise up the Rio Negro to the Anavilhana Reserve.
- Overnight at Moacir Jr's family camp, cook out and hammocks.
- Visit Novo Airao, a small boat building village where IRACEMA was built. Walk around the village, shop, drink cold beer.
- Explore Cameleao Island. See the Moon Flower that Margaret Mee discovered and painted.
- Rio Aturia, the acid river. Magic water to swim in. See the Sundews. Picnic on the white sand beach.
- Explore and fish a small part of the Rio Branco. Visit Curiou, a fishing village w/ a huge Rubber Tree grove. Wake up to Howlers.
- Run to Barcelos, the fresh water aquarium fish capital. They also harvest fibers for brooms from the Piassaba Palm.
- Explore past Barcelos for a few days. Depends on our time.
- Head back down the Rio Negro. Maybe swim w/some pink river dolphins. Possibly visit an indian village, depends of the Indians.
- Visit Rio Jau, see the Petroglyphs.
- Cruise past Manaus to see the 'Wedding of the Waters". Where the Rio Negro meets the Amazon.
- Downtown Manaus. Visit the Mercado Grande and shop.
- Home.