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Segway Ecotour

The most fun you can have on two wheels. After a short lesson, we'll explore the off road trails.

Kayak Ecotour

Learn about the most productive ecosystem on the earth.


Paddleboard High Intensity Training is not just a workout, it is a one of a kind experience, unique to our area! Whether it's burpees, squats, paddle sprints on the SUP you will be breathing hard at the end of the workout.


Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga....Where your yoga mat meets the sea... challenge your balance

Segway Tour

Low impact Segways are a great way to explore the drier side of the state park. Travel the off road trails thru the maritime forest.


Try the hottest new water sport.


Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.....Where your yoga mat meets the sea...

Kids Summer Camp

Week long day camp for kids 7-14. Kayak, paddleboard, nature crafts, hike

Kayak rentals

Kayak rentals let you create your own adventure. Egrets, herons, wood storks and possibly a dolphin or manatee are frequently seen.

FL Keys trip

You'll want to go someplace warm this winter. Come join us in the Keys

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What folks are saying about KA.......

"Ray's instruction was pitched just right and I felt confident starting my trip. The scenery was stunning and the wildlife stunning. I was amazed by the huge Great Blue Heron and it was wonderful to see so many Ospreys, particularly knowing how rare they are in the UK. Kingsley plantation was so interesting - I felt priveleged to walk around there and to have arrived there by water was wonderful. Thanks for everything Ray" ---- Tree, United Kingdom

"There's nothing more glorious than gliding along tidal rivers and tranquil inland marshes, sun shining, water glistening, birds soaring over head – magical! We went paddling with the fun folks at Kayak Amelia on a 3 hour morning excursion. Our cheery group of about 20 adventurers gathered for a quick introduction to kayaking and safety instruction and then we were off. This excursion is appropriate for beginner or experienced kayakers (not too strenuous) and you can reserve a single or tandem kayak." ---- Wicked Good Travel Tips

"Just wanted to thank you for the great time my wife and I had on your kayak trip!!! Thanks for a friendly staff, great equipment (from a beginners standpoint), and especially the availability of the pelican case for our iphones, wallet & keys which we used to document our paddling trip! "----Mark, Ohio

"Hetchka is one of those rare guys who turned an avocation into a successful business when he moved here with his family some 16 years ago to escape New England's cold winters. "We looked around and no one was doing this," said Hetchka, who takes me out to see the "real" Florida in the quiet salt marsh where many folks fish right from their kayaks and we spot osprey and great blue herons, but on this afternoon, no manatee. Hetchka says kids as young as four can kayak -- "as long as they can sit still in a boat for an hour." He knows what he's talking about. He also runs an adventure-eco camp during the summer and promises that with 46,000 acres of nature to explore, kids shouldn't get bored." ---- "Taking the kids to Amelia Island" by Eileen Ogintz

"Had a blast, especially watching Zac become the 72nd out of a bajillion goof balls to tip their kayak! Was lots of fun, I wasn't even tired or sore afterward (small fib). For those of you parents out there who have thought of doing this with your family.. do it! !! We did and not only did we all survive it was lots of fun, great team work fun for fighting siblings, Not only did I survive Kayaking with my teenage daughter but we shared some laughs and made some great memories!!" ---- Terie

"Hello! I wanted to write a quick note to CJ and Jules (and Kayak Amelia) to say thanks for an awesome SUP tour on Sunday morning. It was my first time trying SUP but I picked up on it pretty well (or at least I thought I did haha) and had a blast in the process! I plan on booking more tours at Kayak Amelia and can't wait to meet more of your team members, everyone seems so knowledgable and friendly." ---- Janelle

"When I come down here my blood pressure goes to Zero" ----Bill, Boston

"My husband and I had such a wonderful time yesterday kayaking and thanks to CJ, much encouragement. We hadn't been out in several years and I was a bit nervous but it was such a calm beautiful day that we could enjoy all the sights and birds at our leisure. If any "older" people would like to know whether they can manage such a trip, I'd be happy to spread our joy in the excursion and in the staff at Kayak Amelia. You have a very special group of people working at Kayak Amelia as well as the store downtown. Thanks again. We'll be back....with gray haired friends!" ---- Sally and Bob

"I spend a glorious couple hours on a Segway tour south of Amelia Island with Kayak Amelia. The drive south from Amelia Island to Fort George Island State Park passes vast, open stretches of gentle water. I startle a group of wild peacocks as I drive down a quiet road in front of glorious, Spanish-style homes.
I pull into a parking lot and meet up with Donna Runyeon, who takes me on a tour of the area on Segways outfitted with tires built for the sand and the trails. We travel through warm Florida forests thick with palmettos, and trees dripping with Spanish Moss" ---- Jim Byers,

I just want to tell you one of my fondest memories is the Firefly Kayak Tour that I did with you! It was so peaceful to kayak at sunset and the fireflies were magical that night. I'll always remember it! Hope to see you again in 2015!! ---- Jane W

"The farther north you go in Florida, the more Southern it is". Up here, close to the Georgia border, palm trees give way to live oaks dripping with Spanish moss; menus include collard greens (loose-leafed cultivars of brassica oleracea), hush puppies (cornmeal dumplings) and grits (corn-based porridge). Orlando's theme parks and Miami's razzmatazz feel a world away, particularly if you are on a kayak expedition – as I am – through Little Talbot Island State Park with Ray Hetchka of Kayak Amelia. "This is not what people expect in Florida," Ray points out, as we paddle through salt marshes, where kingfishers, herons, egrets and pelicans totally ignore us. "These backwaters have an endlessness that is special," he adds. "This is what Florida was like before the Europeans arrived 500 years ago." ---- Paul Wade, Telegraph, UK

"I live in Ohio now, but the great people at Kayak Amelia turned me onto kayaking so much I bought one to enjoy the lakes and rivers here. Kayaking is the way to spend a beautiful day! Thanks for showing me the wonders of human powered adventure!" ----Jackie, Ohio

"Nature-lovers will find few better ways to appreciate the island's scenic wonders than a trip to Kayak Amelia.  Located in Talbot Islands State Park, Kayak Amelia lets you paddle your way to close encounters with Amelia Island's extraordinary wildlife, including egrets, herons, sea turtles, and manatees." ----

"We had a blast on your Kingsley Plantation segway tour today! The tour guides were fantastic!" ----Donna

"If you want to learn a little bit about the history and the wildlife of the northern shores, a guided tour is the way to go. Kayak Amelia offers the Kingsley Plantation Kayak Tour on Fort George Island through the Timucuan Preserve. You'll learn about the history of the island and if you're lucky, dolphin and manatees may join you on the tour. You can dock your kayak on a deserted beach for a late afternoon picnic and enjoy an educational stroll through Kingsley Plantation's historical grounds. It's a workout and a history lesson.

For those looking to really get away from it all, the bar hopping tour is the one to enjoy. But don't be fooled, this kayaking excursion hops along the numerous sand bars where you can swim, have a picnic and explore the undiscovered shorelines. This tour is also best for picking up a few souvenirs – seashells. The tour leaves as the tide goes out exposing the day's seashell bounty." ----Beth,

"What a great experience! We found the kayaks very comfortable...the guides friendly and knowledgeable...amazing wildlife...delicious chocolate chip cookies! And of course, going with the flow is the way to go! We look forward to paddling with you again!" ----Elizabeth

"Last Saturday 10/11 we joined a great group of kayakers to paddle over to Kingsley Plantation. Our guides Chris and Nick were great. Chris knew the sea and animal life and Nick filled us in with deep knowledge of the area. The plantation is another story to be reviewed. There were adults and a couple of kids. It was an easy paddle to the plantation we made stops and took detours to explore. We loved it." ----Mary, California

"Best Anniversary Ever! My wife and I took the Segway tour, and had a fantastic time. Riding a Segway was a lot of fun. Donna was an excellent guide. We saw gopher turtles and banana spiders and of course lots of birds. We learned a lot about the area and just had a wonderful time exploring." Ken, Jacksonville

"Awesome adventure! Moonlight meditation tour was lovely. Definitely a do over. Staff was great. Kayak adventure was just right. Not too difficult but challenging. Beautiful sunset and moonrise." Lea

"SUP YOGA - This class was a blast! I'm over 60 and was a little nervous on how I would do on a paddleboard - even though it has been on my Bucket LIst for years. After 10 minutes of instruction on the ground, we headed out to start paddling around on the water. Always felt safe & Deb's yoga instructions (all with modifications) were easy to follow. Will do it again, definitely!" ----Patricia, Amelia Island

"Friendly, knowledgeable and fun Segway offroading!! First of all, our guide Nick was exceptional. We've been on a few Segway tours, but the radio comm units, combined with the naturalist training that Kayak Amelia has provided its guides, made for a great experience. If you enjoy nature, history and natural history, this tour has it all. We were happy to see an extremely healthy population of gopher tortoises on the island. This was a great tour. ...and yes, the home made chocolate chip cookies mid-tour were a treat! And, Oh, if you have any doubt as to which to chose, go with the two hour tour or you'll be sorry. We didn't want it to end and it would have been tragic to save $20 and have done just one hour!" ---- Manny, Jacksonville

"It really doesn't get better! Over the past ten years, I have been on many, many, many Kayak Amelia Tours. I have done the sunset tours, the firefly tours, Stand Up Paddle Yoga, the whole gamut! I would say most of everything I know about the ecosystem of the area, I learned from Kayak Amelia. The staff is amazing, kind, and knowledgeable. Funny, I became compelled to write a review after being on vacation in the Gulf, and renting gear from an outfitter there. It was then that I realized how genuinely spoiled I have been having Kayak Amelia so close to home all these years. At Kayak Amelia, the kayaks and SUPs are new, top of the line equipment, and the staff, whether you are on a tour, or just renting, are so knowledgeable and helpful. I <3 Kayak Amelia!!! ----MsAwesome. Amelia Island

"Amazing Segway Ecotour! My wife and I took my sister and brother-n-law visiting from New Zealand out to see the best of what Jacksonville has to offer. The Kayak Amelia Segway Ecotour was great fun and very informative. Do yourselves a favor and take your visiting friends and family to experience this one of a kind tour of Jacksonville's best kept secret. The Segway Tour is a great mix of futuristic technology while experiencing Old Florida. On the tour, you'll also be treated to the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had!" ----Wayne

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