Segway ecotours

What to wear / bring

--Casual clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Visors or baseball caps are helpful during summer.
--Please wear flat-soled footwear or sneakers.
--Bring insect repellent and water or gatorade to drink.
--Camera, binoculars, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellant, etc. A small front pack is mounted on the Segway for these items (10lbs maximum).

Tour Requirements

--All riders must be at least 14 years of age and under 260 pounds (no exceptions).
--Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
--A fun, relaxed Segway-riding Training session included before each tour.
--Riders are required to wear a helmet and listening device provided.

Why is riding a Segway and eco-friendly way to tour?

Kayak Amelia tours use the Segway XT cross-terrain model optimized for varied terrain and rugged environments. Segway XT's are "clean and green." They use wide, low-pressure tires that leave minimal impact on the riding surface. They are battery powered and emit zero emissions. They are also very quiet so they don't disturb wildlife or the public.

Do we tip the guides?

It is customary gesture to tip guides. You will be escorted by top-tier guides throughout your trip. They are highly-educated, accommodating, and entirely dedicated to making your Segway experience safe and enjoyable. All tips for their services are shared between the guides and are greatly appreciated!

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Explore the drier side of Talbot Island State Park on a Segway

We offer two unique Segway tours of varying length and terrain. On each tour, you'll be riding smack through Nature on your way out to destinations of incomparable beauty and intriguing history. Each excursion offers stunning scenery and fabulous wildlife opportunities. So you don't miss anything your guide points out, you'll be comfortably equipped with wireless listening device. Our parks are ideal places to learn to ride a Segway. Their gorgeous setting and wide-open spaces make the pre-tour "feets-on training" relaxing and fun for new and experienced riders alike.

Trail to Point Isabel - Ft George Island- 1.25 hours

This tour is 1.25hr. long, which includes the prep and practice in the field. The trail has varied terrain with ancient dunes, tree arches and expansive water views. You will pass relics of shell mounds from Island's pre-historic villages, and coastal plants used for Mocama / Timucuan Indians for food, shelter, medicines, and decorations. Fort George Inlet along the Timucuan Preserve is famous for its clear waters, and panoramas of marshes, sand bars, and dunes. Overhead you'll see sprawling oaks, giant magnolias, and aerial gardens of ferns, Spanish moss, and orchids. Keep your eyes peeled for fascinating gopher tortoises, armadillos, colorful lizards, birds, butterflies and more. $60/person

Trail to Kingsley Plantation - Ft George Island - 2 hours

With a little more time you can take the longer trail to Kingsley Plantation. Part of the Timucuan Preserve, Kingsley Plantation was famous for its sea island cotton. We'll take a short break here to learn about the fascinating Kingsley history and view the original structures, including the remains of slave cabins made of tabby oyster shell construction. Our 10-15 minute break at Kingsley Plantation is not enough time to see all the exhibits. Feel free to drive back after the tour and see it all. $80/person


What is a Segway?

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device designed to go wherever people go. It is easy to learn to operate because of its technologically advanced design that senses your body movements. Lean forward, go forward. Stand straight and stop. To increase speed, you lean forward a little harder. To slow down, you lean back. You're always in control of the Segway. The comfortable platform for your feet and adjustable handlebar height make the process of gliding along second nature and an experience you're sure to enjoy.

How does a Segway work?

The Segway utilizes "dynamic stabilization" which balances the rider. In case you don't know what "dynamic stabilization" means, here's a simplified explanation. The Segway senses the rider's center of gravity 100 times a second; this information is processed and used to reliably balance the Segway and rider. As the rider leans forward, the center of gravity moves forward and the Segway responds by traveling forward. The same applies for going backward. If the center of gravity is directly over the standing platform the Segway will remain stationary. You don't need any special balancing skills — the Segway does it for you!

What speed will I be traveling ?

Most of the time, the Segways travels the trails at about 5 mph, (a little faster than a brisk walk), allowing people to see more of the Island in less time. The guide sets the pace according to the varied trail terrain and confidence of riders.

Are most people able to ride a Segway?

Segways are remarkably easy to master, however we do require that riders be at least 14 years old and weigh no more than 260 pounds. Riders must be able to perform such tasks as going up and down stairs without assistance, and without using a handrail. You must be able to operate the steering control with your left hand and be able to stand on the Segway's platform for the length of the tour you choose (either one-hour or two-hours). A comprehensive training and practice session is required prior to each tour. Our guests find our Cross-Terrain Segways to be especially easy to learn to ride. With the big tires, these Segways are very solid and reassuringly stable. The Park's secured training field is a fun and relaxed place to practice your new riding skills.